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Sticky: NEW Bug Reports DragonRanger bitWolfy 17
Sticky: NEW Feature Request Guidelines + Template (locked) bitWolfy bitWolfy 0
NEW [Feature] Quick link to upvoted images UnimportantOne UnimportantOne 0
NEW [Feature] Model tags should be meta-tags TerraRaptor Malakim 3
NEW [Feature] Webp support sharpy sharpy 0
NEW Request: Deduplicate related tags Dakka Dakka 0
NEW Cannot create alias request tf->transformation agreenfish agreenfish 0
NEW prompt and model oldhroft chleba 3
NEW [Feature] Year tags should be meta-tags Malakim Malakim 0
NEW [Feature] Meta/Copyright tags for AI Models Deagon12 Deagon12 0
NEW [Feature] Change the 'prompt' tag to a meta tag DNS DNS 0
NEW [Feature] Replace your own posts without punishment AutoBot rantas 4
NEW [Feature] Subscribe to "directors" or keep a favorites-list for custom feed rantas rantas 3
NEW [Feature] Addition of a 'Prompt Info' section to the upload page agreenfish DNS 6
NEW Director name is only listed under the General tags canineluvr19 user 1551 3
NEW Character tags are not working? UnimportantOne UnimportantOne 0
NEW A concern I have with img2img Kyiiel LendriMujina 1
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