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Sticky: NEW Looking for more staff: Developer wanted! blp NotMeNotYou 2
Sticky: NEW PSA: Adding new director / character / species tags bitWolfy bitWolfy 0
NEW How to remove image from set? WetFur WetFur 1
NEW Unapproved uploads DragonRanger Angry Puppy 4
NEW arbitrary deletion of *supposed* underage gens rantas rantas 4
NEW Dear mods... Lance Armstrong srpelosaness 4
NEW Avoiding approval of certain post? Angry Puppy Angry Puppy 0
NEW My last upload got deleted Angry Puppy yoshiba 11
NEW Janitorial Upkeep Angry Puppy Angry Puppy 2
NEW Post replacements ChastityCoyote ChastityCoyote 0
NEW Don't approve EVERYTHING DNS rantas 11
NEW Thumbnail borders agreenfish ChastityCoyote 1
NEW Will images mark Unapproved in 30 days return if a mods approves them, or are they gone? Lance Armstrong nodrives 1
NEW Arbitrariety of "no-young" content Lance Armstrong ShinyLuxio 9
NEW Is it allowed to post AI art that is trying to imitate a specific artist? NovemberDelta1024 Minus 4
NEW What's with all the stale non-approvals? Kiyoka WetFur 3
NEW Too Many Fingers Tag? Mickee lostfox 3
NEW Are images generated by websites allowed here? Junothewoofer zidanes123 1
NEW Underage characters Within reason kemowolf Scootaloo 7
NEW General userscripts Rainbow-Spike Rainbow-Spike 0
NEW enforcement of parent - child posts Junothewoofer DeNatural 6
NEW How to make these AI images? Junothewoofer UnimportantOne 3
NEW Help with a tag ShinyLuxio CalamityFox 1
NEW Is there a limit to how many posts you can make in a certain time frame? ShinyLuxio YaLonip 1
NEW Really Basic Questions agreenfish SkiSnep701 2
NEW Enforcement of 5 similar prompt uploads? Shuffur Shuffur 0
NEW Looking for lora commissions 624aSecret 624aSecret 0
NEW Sharing the wiki? Lance Armstrong TerraRaptor 1
NEW Artificial upscaling from within Stable diffuse agreenfish Pocket Erector 1
NEW E6AI Mascot VenisonCreamPie VenisonCreamPie 2
NEW Why are the rules for underage characters different here than on e621? VenisonCreamPie throwawayvr 11
NEW A few ideas for e6ai 624aSecret 624aSecret 0
NEW Creating a list of banned artists ShinyLuxio gilbertAram 1
NEW Postybirb FloofAI FloofAI 0
NEW Rescuing images from e621 NotMeNotYou Lance Armstrong 1
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