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Sticky: NEW Bug Reports lostfox bitWolfy 9
Sticky: NEW Looking for more staff: Developer wanted! toxicisblue96 NotMeNotYou 1
Sticky: NEW Feature Request Guidelines + Template (locked) bitWolfy bitWolfy 0
Sticky: NEW PSA: Adding new director / character / species tags bitWolfy bitWolfy 0
NEW Arbitrariety of "no-young" content VenisonCreamPie ShinyLuxio 6
NEW ai-artists to potentially add to e6ai ListerTheSquirrel ListerTheSquirrel 7
NEW DeviantArt's AI-art creator DreamUp ListerTheSquirrel ListerTheSquirrel 0
NEW Tag implication: diane_foxington -> the_bad_guys federal597 federal597 0
NEW art thieves at DeviantArt EarthFur EarthFur 1
NEW Is it allowed to post AI art that is trying to imitate a specific artist? Dakka Minus 3
NEW Don't approve EVERYTHING rantas rantas 6
NEW [BUR] Revalidate tail Kyiiel Kyiiel 1
NEW Tag alias: frotting -> frottage Amnesty6698 Amnesty6698 0
NEW What's with all the stale non-approvals? Kiyoka WetFur 3
NEW Flags vs Reports Dakka Dakka 0
NEW Tag implication: howling -> howl Amnesty6698 Amnesty6698 0
NEW [Feature] Meta/Copyright tags for AI Models Deagon12 Deagon12 0
NEW [APPROVED] Tag alias: trees -> tree auto moderator federal597 1
NEW What do you look for in AI pics? FeralBreeder LendriMujina 7
NEW Tag alias: scalies -> Scalie Deagon12 Deagon12 0
NEW Tag alias: light_saber -> lightsaber Bot Furray Bot Furray 0
NEW Tag alias: blushing -> blush federal597 federal597 0
NEW Tag alias: mouth_open -> open_mouth federal597 federal597 0
NEW Tag alias: laugh -> laughing federal597 federal597 0
NEW Too Many Fingers Tag? Mickee lostfox 3
NEW Tag alias: naked -> nude Amnesty6698 Amnesty6698 0
NEW Tag alias: erect -> erection Amnesty6698 Amnesty6698 0
NEW [Feature] Change the 'prompt' tag to a meta tag DNS DNS 0
NEW Tag alias: boobs -> breasts Amnesty6698 Amnesty6698 0
NEW Are images generated by websites allowed here? Junothewoofer zidanes123 1
NEW Underage characters Within reason kemowolf Scootaloo 7
NEW Javascript Snippet to make NovelAI Tags more E6AI Friendly Rainbow-Spike Popgasm 3
NEW General userscripts Rainbow-Spike Rainbow-Spike 0
NEW Fix 'dobermann' tag rudie rudie 2
NEW some DeviantArt ai artists accounts getting Deactivated AutoBot ListerTheSquirrel 1
NEW [Feature] Replace your own posts without punishment AutoBot rantas 4
NEW [Feature] Subscribe to "directors" or keep a favorites-list for custom feed rantas rantas 3
NEW Tag implication: pokemon_(species) -> nintendo PseudoChmod yumisilva 2
NEW Tag implication: stuck_in_doorway -> in_doorway PseudoChmod PseudoChmod 0
NEW enforcement of parent - child posts Junothewoofer DeNatural 6
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