Topic: [Feature] Model tags should be meta-tags

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Requested feature overview description.

Tags that indicate which model(s) were used in the creation of a work (such as "stable_diffusion") should be meta-tags.

Why would it be useful?

General tags are used to indicate what content can be found in the image itself. Meta-tags are used to indicate things about the image (resolution, year produced, etc). As the model(s) used in the creation of a work are not usually represented within the image itself, the tags referencing them should be moved to the meta-tag category.

What part(s) of the site page(s) are affected?

Tag lists on individual image pages and the upload page that offers lists of recommended tags and meta-tags.

I agree that something like this would be very helpful and informative! Would love insight behind how some of the images on this board are being generated.

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