Help: Post Relationships

Posts can have two types of relationships; parent and child. This is used to link together two variations of the same or similar post.

Examples often include

  • A sketch and the finished piece
  • An original and a gender swapped image
  • Different versions of the same flash

To make a child/parent relationship

Giving a post a child/parent can be done in one of two ways.

Parent Box Method

First, find the image that will be the parent. This is usually the bigger, finished version. Copy it's ID number. This can be found in it's statistics and in the URL. Next, find the image that will be the child and click edit. Paste the parent's ID number into the "parent post" box and hit save changes.

Tag Edit Method

Find either the parent or the child post you want to link. In the tag editing box, type out child:12345 (for example) to make the current post a parent of the post you just entered (in this case post #12345) This also works conversely, in that entering parent:2345 will make the current post a child of post #2345.

Flag for Deletion

If you flag a post for deletion on the grounds of it being an outdated or inferior version of another post, please link the two. Make the older or outdated post the child. The reason we do this is that if the post is deleted, the parent post will inherent the child post's favorite list and transfer the new post in it's place.

Please do not use parent/children for pages of a comic. It's better to use a pool for these.