Help: Accounts

Registration for basic accounts is free and open. To get upgraded to a privileged or contributor account, see the FAQ.


The basic account type. Every user is a member upon registering.

  • Base upload limit of 10, increased by approved images and decreased by deleted/replaced images
  • Must wait three days after registration to do the following:
    • Create forum posts, private post sets, post flags, tickets
    • Create and edit notes
    • Vote on comments
    • Downvote posts
  • Must wait seven days after registration to do the following:
    • Upload posts
    • Edit posts
    • Create and edit wiki pages, and pools
    • Write comments and dmails
  • Certain actions on the site have an additional limit regardless of your accounts age:
    • 150 post edits per hour
    • 30 post uploads per hour, if your upload limit allows it
    • 60 wiki page edits per hour
    • 50 note edits per hour
    • 30 tickets per hour
    • 20 dmails per hour (no more than one per minute)
    • 15 forum posts per hour
    • 10 post flags per hour
    • 3000 post votes per hour
    • 6 post sets created per hour
    • 2 pools created per hour
    • 30 pool edits per hour
    • 15 comments per hour
    • 10 comment votes per hour


The next level up from member. Given out regularly to users who have proven that they're a positive addition to the community.

  • No hourly limit on the following:
    • Post edits
    • Wiki pages
    • Pool post edits
    • Notes
    • Comments
    • Comment votes
    • Post votes
    • Tickets
  • Can apply tag scripts at the click of a button
  • Can use DText color tags
  • Can lock a posts rating
How to become one:

To become a privileged user, start helping out by uploading lots of good posts (with permission!), helping with tagging projects, reporting malicious users, updating the wiki, or adding note translations. Anything to be helpful. It doesn't hurt to get to know us on the Discord, either.


The next level up from privileged. This account type is given to e6AI's power-users whom we completely trust with contributing quality content to the site. Includes all of the perks that you receive with a privileged account.

How to become one:

We offer contributor accounts to well-known members of the community who have dedicated a lot of work to improving e6AI. To improve your chances of being selected, upload lots of high-quality posts, help out with tickets, or make lots of good wiki edits. Being active and helpful on the forum and the discord and being a positive role model for the community are especially good ways to get noticed.


Janitors are users that help process pending posts (the mod queue).

  • Can approve and delete posts
  • Can approve and reject replacements
  • Can process flags
  • Can lock wiki pages
  • Can delete pools
How to become one:

[section pending]


Admins/mods keep the peace on e6AI. They are the ones who hand out records, ban users, delete and approve posts, handle tickets, and everything else on the administrative side of e6AI.

Mods are generally considered to be admins-in-training, and have access to all but the most powerful site tools. Assuming everything goes okay, at the end of an undefined period of time, moderators will be eligible to become full-fledged admins.

  • Mods: Access to all but the most powerful site tools
  • Admins: Unlimited access to all site tools
How to become one:

When new mod positions open up, we will hand-pick users (who will almost certainly be contributors) based on their area of expertise (uploading, wiki editing, development, etc.).