Help: Inappropriate Comments

In the interest of the success of the site we do not want people discussing their personal sexual encounters (past or present) or any explicitly detailed desires, fetishes, or fantasies. All users and other people browsing the website all have the right, within realistic expectations, to browse our website without seeing comments from our users that may make them uncomfortable.

Examples of inappropriate comments:
Comments that are overly focused on graphic /explicit details.

Don’t make up elaborate stories about what you wish would happen, or were to happen.

"Definitely going to need some happy aftercare time in a snug onesie and diaper. Don't forget to lock up the young kitten in a chastity with his mouth filled so he doesn't wake himself up from his nap in daddy's lap."
"Fine addition to my collection for erection."

Comments that detail your personal sexual experiences, fantasies or desires.

Any comment that describes your past real life experiences, roleplay encounters, or fap stories are going to be considered creepy by the broader userbase. Note that the comment doesn’t need to be long in order to share too much information.

Examples that will get you a record:

  • I came so hard
  • I wish I could get fucked like that
  • I wish that vaporeon would breed me
  • My boyfriend likes doing that to me!
  • I wish my girlfriend would be doing that for me
  • I want to lick those paws
  • Wish I could get filled like that

Examples that (most likely1) won’t get you a record:

  • God I wish that were me
  • I’m loving those tits
  • That is one hot / wet pussy
  • Pump that donut!

1 Context is going to matter, see the two following sections for details

Comments that focus on a fetish on a picture that does not include that fetish.

Fairly self-explanatory, don’t bring any (controversial) fetish into an image that isn’t already featuring it, talking about how you’d wish any given image without X fetish should feature X fetish instead to make it “better” is always inherently creepy.

Fetishes falling under this category are the generally divisive ones like cub, watersports, scat, rape, humiliation of various kinds, and similar.

Comments that exceed the rating on the picture

In the shortest way possible, if something is rated safe nobody will want to hear about how you’d like to see the character getting lewded or fucked. Similarly goes for submissions rated questionable, nobody will want to know how you’d like them to get railed by a pack of 14 werewolves in the parking lot of an Arby’s if they’re only being suggestive or in the nude.