Help: Blacklist

If you are having trouble getting an image blacklisted, please make sure that the image is tagged properly. If it isn't, consider tagging it yourself :)

Did your blacklist suddenly stop working? Check that you didn't accidentally hit the quick toggle!

The blacklist — Found under Account > Settings — allows members to hide posts they dislike or otherwise object to by entering the appropriate tags into a list.

Just like with doing searches, it is important to remember that if a tag is more than one word use an underscore ( _ ) in place of the space. For instance, use "video_games", not "video games".

There are several different ways to input tags into your blacklist:

One tag per line


This method will hide all images with the entered tags. ALL male images, ALL images with an anus, ALL intersex images. If even one of these tags is on an image, it will not display for you. Use this method for hiding grand categories of images that you don't want to see.

Example tags:

See Blacklisting Suggestions for more.

Combined Tags

female fox nude
herm wolf anal_penetration 

Tags can be combined by entering them on the same line, separated by a space. Each line is regarded separately, images with ALL the tags on a given line will be hidden, but each line will be taken individually.

In the first example, all images involving nudity, females AND foxes will not be displayed for you (presumably used if you don't want to see naked female foxes—however, be aware that if there's a naked male fox with a female skunk, that image may also be hidden). For the second example, any images involving herms, wolves AND anal_penetration will be hidden. However, an image with female wolf anal_penetration will still be displayed for you.

This method is best used for more specific examples then those shown. A more commonly used combined blacklist entry is male solo, or female solo. These hide all 'pin up' pictures of a member of a given gender. This can also be used if you dislike how a specific artist draws a species, or if you don't want to see their explicit artwork (see below for more on explicit and non-explicit artwork).

Tag Operators

You can also use 'operators' like - in your blacklist, just as you might in a search. The tricky part is that using a - suggests that you WANT to see that thing, so getting it right make take a bit of time to get used to.


This, for example, ensures that any picture NOT tagged with 'female' will not display. This is more useful then blacklisting 'male' if you don't mind seeing pictures of males, as long as there are females in the image.

pokémon -pikachu 

This example would remove ALL pokémon images from view, UNLESS pikachu is also tagged. This is useful if you only like one specific type of something. (alternatively: canine -fox, scalie -breasts)

fox -wolf -lion 

This one is a bit more complicated: This would hide all fox images that do not have wolves, or do not have lions. So a picture of fox alone, or a fox and a bear/goat/horse/etc would be removed, but a fox and a lion, or a fox and a wolf would be kept.


Every image on e6AI has a rating.

  • rating:explicit - Exposed lower genitals (penis, pussy etc.), sex acts, high amounts of violence/gore, scat/watersports
  • rating:safe - Posts that can be viewed in public without much uproar: no genitals, no sexual overtones, no realistic violence.
  • rating:questionable - Everything in between, such as topless females and suggestive poses.

If desired, you can blacklist whole ratings categories if you wish to not ever see anything of that nature. For example, to hide all explicit artwork, enter rating:explicit into your blacklist.

Additionally, you can use ratings with the other methods listed on this page:

rating:explicit female 

Hide all explicit images with females in them.

rating:explicit solo male 

Hide all explicit images that only have a single male in them, but allow both explicit male and explicit solo.

Specific Images

In some cases, you may find that you like most images in some tags but that there are one or two specific images that displease you. It may be a character that is poorly drawn, or simply an image with such generic tags that blacklisting them would blacklist many other images you do not want blacklisted. Or, you may wish to reduce clutter and the length of your black list, by instead blacklisting specific images instead.

This is achieved by looking at the image and finding the post ID number which can be found in the URL, and on the left hand side under "statistics" as the top stat. This number can be used in your blacklist as follows:


In addition, on your Settings page is a box reading Apply Blacklist to Avatars which will allow you to use your blacklist to hide any avatars that are not to your taste.

Specific Users

In other cases you may find that you dislike everything that a specific user uploads. Some people upload many different types of images, while others upload according to a theme. Some users are not as picky as others regarding their uploads. If you find that you dislike the majority of a user's uploads, and wish that you could not see any uploads from them at all, you can blacklist specific users:


In doing so, you will see none of the uploads that user posts.

In addition, on your Settings page there is a box reading Apply Blacklisted Users to Forum Posts, Comments, and Dmails. Checking this will effectively hide a user from you entirely, except in the event that someone replies to text they've said, and quotes their text.

For tips on tags that a new user may wish to blacklist, see also: Blacklisting Suggestions

Blacklist Quick Toggles - New

On the index page and on all submissions are now quick toggles to easily disable and enable any (or all) entries of your blacklist.
The toggles are located directly below search bar inside the "Blacklisted(x)".

To disable all entries at once simply click the "Disable all".
To enable all entries again click "Re-enable all".

To enable or disable individual entries click the "Blacklisted(x)" header and then the entry you'd like to toggle. Any struck through entry has been disabled, and they're regular if they're enabled.