Help: FAQ

Is there a DNP list?

There is, but here it's known as the avoid posting list. It can be found here.

How do I get my art removed?

If you are an artist or copyright holder of a piece of artwork or characters depicted therein and want it removed, you will want to submit a takedown request here.

How do I have an artist/character tag?

First make sure that the tag you want to be a character/artist tag isn't already in use for something else on our site. If it is, you should ask on the forum for advice on how to best resolve the situation before changing the tag type or applying it to your post.

- Apply the tag to a post.
- Visit the tags index and search for your tag.
- Click edit on the applicable tag.
- Change the tag type to the desired tag type.
- Save it.

Should I post this?

Before you post anything, ask yourself the following questions:
Is the image furry-related or at least somewhat relevant to the site?
Is the image already here? This can be easily answered by performing a search.
Is this DNP?
Is this of adequate quality and/or resolution? For a pic to pass e6AI's quality assurance check, it must meet the standards of the moderators approving it. In other words, images with glaring jpeg artifacts or otherwise poor quality or size may not be approved depending on the discretion of the moderators.

For a more comprehensive set of criteria please refer to our Uploading Guidelines.

My post got deleted! Why?? Am I going to get in trouble for it?

Most times the reason a post was deleted is because the moderator didn't feel it would benefit the site. This can include being small, blurry, meant just to incite drama, or overall lacking in quality or relevance. If you feel that something was deleted by mistake, your best bet is to send a short, polite PM to whoever deleted it asking them to reconsider it.

You might get in trouble if you post things clearly against our posting guidelines and your posting limits will suffer the more deletions you accrue. The best way to avoid this is to only post high quality and very relevant content and be prepared to take the backlash if you post something irrelevant or of poor quality and it gets deleted.

There are so many tags! How do I know what to put?

Tags are the lifeblood of e6AI. Our goal is to facilitate your search in all things furry. But to do that, images must be properly tagged. When posting, please provide a minimum of four tags. Here are the most important things to tag:

  • director
  • gender
  • species
  • naughty bits
  • sexual acts
  • character names
  • AI / NN model used

Obviously, there are many, many more, but these are critical.
A complete list can be found here

I need help with my account

How do I log out?

You can log out by clicking logout here or clicking "logout" from My Account

How do I change my password?

Click here to change your password or click "change password" from My Account

I want to change my username, can I do that?

You sure can! Go to My Account and click on "Request Username Change" to fill out a username change request
You can also get to it from this page and under "Users" click on "Request Username Change" or from your profile page.

Why is someone asking for my password or email address?

Report this person immediately! Even if it's an admin. We will never ask you for your password. Do not give your password to anyone. If you have provided an email address during signup, you may be notified of mail on site but this is not shared with anyone. If you did not provide an email address when creating an account, an email address may be requested if you have been banned and try to contact someone about being unbanned or other account related issues.

My account may have been compromised. What do?

Contact a moderator or admin immediately. Someone will take action and handle it on a case by case basis. Note that someone using your computer and getting you into trouble is not an excuse. Your account is your responsibility.

I just received a mark on my account I disagree with, can I dispute it?

Of course you can as long as you are civil about it. If you cuss out the admin who gave you the record, odds are they will be far less inclined to want to help you. If you want to dispute a record, PM a moderator and provide any relevant information needed. Please note, In most cases records will not be removed unless very special circumstances were present, so don't be surprised if your record has to stay.

I just got banned, that means I need to make a new account to get a hold of someone, right?

Absolutely not. If you are banned you can contact us by sending an email to management [at] Any alt accounts are subject to be permanently banned with no warning whatsoever.

Can I report an admin? I think they are out to get me D:

Yes, you can report any user on the site, of any level, including admins. These reports are taken very seriously and should only be made if you seriously believe an admin has abused his/her power. The staff is not out to get you, but will not hesitate to remove destructive or offensive people.

How do I respond to mail?

Click on "respond" at the top left corner when viewing a dmail. It might seem obvious but a lot of people miss this link.

Can I delete my account?

Yes, you can. You can find the option to delete it in your account settings near the top of the page. Please be sure to carefully read the information provided in the confirmation dialog, not everything on your account can and will be deleted.