Help: Lore Tags

Lore Tags


The main purpose for lore tags is twofold:

1.) Provide information impossible to be covered by TWYS
2.) Correct information that TWYS is providing incorrectly

As such, Lore tags are entirely outside of the realm of TWYS, and are not subject to the TWYS limitation of needing to be visually verifiable within the submission itself. Instead, lore tags are supposed to complement shortcomings of TWYS to provide information that is either incorrect when following TWYS, or simply isn't visual information at all, but still relevant to the submission.


Whenever a submission must be tagged as something that is "wrong" a lore tag should be added to provide the correct information. In the same vein, if a submission has further information that is relevant to the image, such for example the incest fetish being present this information should also be added so that people can either specifically search for it, or avoid it via their blacklist.

However, lore tags are entirely complementary in nature, and all applicable TWYS tags must still be applied.

How to request additional lore tags:

Please use this thread to make a request for additional tags that should be added as lore tags.

For more information on TWYS please see [e621:Tag What You See (Explained)].