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NEW Artificial upscaling from within Stable diffuse agreenfish Pocket Erector 1
NEW any AMD-friendly diffusion GUI? agreenfish KateHanami 4
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NEW E6AI Mascot VenisonCreamPie VenisonCreamPie 2
NEW How to create two different looks? Game0ne gilbertAram 2
NEW suggest BUR for removing color -> TONE aliases (TONE is lighter or darker shades of SAME color) EarthFur EarthFur 0
NEW Why are the rules for underage characters different here than on e621? VenisonCreamPie throwawayvr 11
NEW Macro and Micro play VenisonCreamPie Furlow 1
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NEW Creating a list of banned artists ShinyLuxio gilbertAram 1
NEW Director name is only listed under the General tags canineluvr19 user 1551 3
NEW Character tags are not working? UnimportantOne UnimportantOne 0
NEW Tag implication: meowscarada -> generation_9_pokemon GS10 GS10 0
NEW Postybirb FloofAI FloofAI 0
NEW A concern I have with img2img Kyiiel LendriMujina 1
NEW Hi_res tag on images not that hi_res FloofAI kemowolf 1
NEW Rescuing images from e621 NotMeNotYou Lance Armstrong 1