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NEW Tag implication: feliformia -> carnivora rantas rantas 0
NEW [Feature] Model tags should be meta-tags TerraRaptor Malakim 3
NEW [Feature] Webp support sharpy sharpy 0
NEW Arbitrariety of "no-young" content TerraRaptor ShinyLuxio 13
NEW jowls implying dewlap_(anatomy) seems wrong blp blp 0
NEW Proposal: Usage change & wiki definition overhaul for tag long_body RaaazzleDazzle RaaazzleDazzle 0
NEW Discussion: Unsure whether to request alias, implication, and/or tag renames for hind_legs <--> on_hind_legs RaaazzleDazzle RaaazzleDazzle 1
NEW Unapproved uploads FireWolf890 Angry Puppy 6
NEW Pending posts rantas Pelalion 3
NEW arbitrary deletion of *supposed* underage gens rantas rantas 8
NEW How to remove image from set? WetFur WetFur 1
NEW Dear mods... Lance Armstrong srpelosaness 4
NEW Tag implication: cave_enterance -> cave_entrance agreenfish nikkolaus 1
NEW Request: Deduplicate related tags Dakka Dakka 0
NEW Avoiding approval of certain post? Angry Puppy Angry Puppy 0
NEW My last upload got deleted Angry Puppy yoshiba 11
NEW [REJECTED] Change director tag "nosetf" to "girlswithsnouts" auto moderator GirlsWithSnouts 1
NEW Janitorial Upkeep Angry Puppy Angry Puppy 2
NEW some DeviantArt ai artists accounts getting Deactivated ListerTheSquirrel ListerTheSquirrel 2
NEW Post replacements ChastityCoyote ChastityCoyote 0
NEW Cannot create alias request tf->transformation agreenfish agreenfish 0
NEW Don't approve EVERYTHING DNS rantas 11
NEW Starling tag relationships Lungfish1223 Lungfish1223 0
NEW art thieves at DeviantArt Swiftkill EarthFur 2
NEW Thumbnail borders agreenfish ChastityCoyote 1
NEW Tag implication: upskirt -> skirt Vampirepredator2000 Vampirepredator2000 4
NEW Tag implication: knot_grab -> hand_on_knot Vampirepredator2000 Vampirepredator2000 0
NEW Tag implication: hand_on_knot -> hand_on_penis Vampirepredator2000 Vampirepredator2000 0
NEW Tag implication: hand_on_medial_ring -> hand_on_penis Vampirepredator2000 Vampirepredator2000 0
NEW Tag implication: kneeling_oral_position -> kneeling Vampirepredator2000 Vampirepredator2000 0
NEW Will images mark Unapproved in 30 days return if a mods approves them, or are they gone? Lance Armstrong nodrives 1
NEW prompt and model oldhroft chleba 3
NEW Tag implication: marsh_rabbit -> rabbit Lungfish1223 Lungfish1223 0
NEW Alias outdoor/outdoors to outside Lungfish1223 Lungfish1223 0
NEW Subspecies taxonomy update Lungfish1223 Lungfish1223 0
NEW *_eeveelution tags should alias to the bigger tags + An additional bonus satuputra796 satuputra796 0
NEW Mispelled "blak" tags aliases to corrected tags satuputra796 satuputra796 0
NEW Is it allowed to post AI art that is trying to imitate a specific artist? NovemberDelta1024 Minus 4
NEW Add "copyright" category to the tags. nanomecho nanomecho 0
NEW [Feature] Year tags should be meta-tags Malakim Malakim 0