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Have been wandering across ai-artists that I don't have time to add to e6ai.

Going to post one artist name (in this post), hoping to re-find names of the other artists.

Hoping someone here will have time to add the art of the artists mentioned in this thread.

EdwardRayner ( )
is the artist I want to start this forum thread with.

Edward's ai artwork that finally inspired to start this thread is

(titled "Sher'khan", anthro tiger,
probably inspired by Shere Khan from Jungle Book ... or just the name which apparently roughly translates to tiger ruler)

edit: A lot (or all) of edwardrayner's art tagged with "aiart", so appropiate for e6ai.

edit: typo fix (one was "e621" instead of "e6ai")

EDIT: list of ai-artists below (sorted alphabetically):

  • CeemkoArt
  • ChrisD19
  • Dipseyn
  • Ferophemon
  • FoxdenAI
  • HectorSolaris
  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisdvj
  • Josue--LP
  • NoideaArtz
  • PawsomeFriends
  • RandomAssSmuck
  • S3T3SH / DankPepsi
  • YarikHunter

(edit: latest in list: FoxdenAI)


another ai-artist:


example #1: flowered bear

example #2: cute anthro fox

example #3: clothed lion

Ceemko downplaying ai involvement with art upload pages only text indication (of ai) being "Created using AI tools" at bottom of descriptions. (at least, of the ones i looked at)

Another ai-artist (air-tist?): Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisdvj
(currently 84 uploads)
approx 21 uploads with anthro or anthro-ish content:

All the ones i checked said "Created using AI tools".
(edit: i didn't choose their username)


Another artist: Josue--LP

Only 31 uploads so far, but they all anthro (all muscular males, mostly with bulges),
and they uploaded two today ... so presumably they will post more (some DA accounts haven't posted for months).

1) blue "Speedo Lion"
2) "Speedo Panda"
3) pink "Speedo Dragon"

None of the ones i checked had a Mature rating.

All the ones i checked said "Created using AI tools".

Another ai-artist:

Randomasssmuck (maybe they should uppercase A & S, resulting in RandomAssSmuck )
(as in schmuck the word)

A few examples:
1) fat deer with PINK hair "Mature"

2) nude chubby deer with PEEN "Mature"

3) whatever the heck is going on with
"Bambi letting it hang" (BULGE in red&blue undies)
(badly copied from elsewhere ... OR supposed to look like an image on a smartphone???)
"Created using AI tools, Mature"

Another artist who does ai-art (some of their art is non-ai):


example 1: (harness) "Hewwo guys"

example 2: (M/M hug) "Rogers is the cutest miieew"

example 3: (bulge) "Haha do you like my new style?"


Posted (at )
about HectorSolarisAiArt account getting deactivated.

I'm assuming HectorSolaris is same person since
a) HectorSolaris gallery has 503uploads (more than what was in HectorSolarisAiArt gallery).
b) at they write "my account was suspended because of mature content :'v"

( earliest post in gallery "Published: Jul 23, 2022" )

Another artist who does ai-art:


example #1: two anthro male deer (at least one is muscular)
(starting with this because first artwork i saw by this artist)

example #2: male Tron-ish raccoon duo with bulges
"Published: Dec 31, 2023"

example #3: purple cat with wiggly rainbow *
"Published: Jan 23, 2024"

* = (wonder what gay taste-the-rainbow furry art there is)

example #4: athletic male bunny with bulge (wearing mask that is possibly an air-purifying respirator)
"Published: Feb 8, 2023"

voidfly said:
I also had a little incident. I don't know if it fits this topic, but I'll tell anyway.
At the beginning of my existence on e6ai, I uploaded an image of Morgana from Person 5. the physique is similar to the canon. but this work was not approved by anyone, and after a month it was deleted. The same thing happened to me with Sheriff Mao Mao Mao. Two times.
And I have a question, what exactly is happening on e6ai? lack of staff? Or the arbitrariness of the moderators? Are short characters banned too, even if they look like adults?
I don't want to put labels on it, I just want to know the truth.

Sorry, wrong forum

Another good ai-artist (creating sexy anthro art) that doesn't seem to be at e6ai yet:

(currently 916 artworks in artist's "All" gallery)

Some examples (that can be viewed withOUT a DA account):
(sorted from oldest to new):
{edit: these examples are mostly muscular characters}

1) Death the (anthro) wolf (from that Puss in Boots sequel):

2) brown anthro horse with bulge (only wearing undies)
(currently included at )

3) male anthro goat (with bulge)

4) male anthro (minotaur or bull) with bulge

and finally,
5) male anthro unicorn with bulge (and with rainbow-ish hair)

and those were some of the earliest works that caught my eye (i stopped skimming with that unicorn artwork which was uploaded in mid-September).

edit: oh, one more (that i wandered across)
winged anthro bigcat (tiger?) with some blue fur and bulge (and wearing police clothing)


Another furry ai artist (that i don't see at e6ai yet):

(currently 302 artworks in artist's "All" gallery,
a quick skim of just the recent ratedsafe art is a mix of solo male anthro and solo female anthro art)

Three examples:
1) Thiano - The Donkey (anthro)
male (& athletic or muscular) and wearing a loincloth (i assume is a loincloth)

2) male winged anthro horse, muscular, and wearing a loincloth (i assume is a loincloth), (with a hint of bulge?)

3) male winged anthro lion, muscular and wearing a loincloth * (i assume is a loincloth)

* = or a LIONcloth???? boo hiss LOL :)

4) male anthro reinedeer, with a hint of bulge, and wearing a loincloth (i assume is a loincloth)

(Trying to keep this short, so will try to refrain for other examples of their ai art)


Another furry ai artist (that i don't see at e6ai):

(currently 840 artworks in artist's "All" gallery)

Three examples:

1) solo space anthro raccoon, with small bulge.
(evoking Rocket, while presumably hoping to avoid Marvel lawyers?)
(some of the DA tags hilariously wrong such as "dragongirl", but no female nor dragon seems to be visible)

2) "Toothless - Realistic #2"
solo anthro-fied Toothless, with bulge (in undies, speedo, or similar)

3) buff male anthro, with small bulge, wearing only mask and undies (or is the mask part of his species?)
(possibly a version of a videogame character?)

Another furry ai artist (that i don't see at e6ai):

(currently 2180 artworks in artist's "All" gallery)

A few examples:

1) "Wildlife"
(I'm NOT 100% sure what is happening) two anthros, fox bending over while canine anthros seems to rejoice while looking at foxbutt.

2) 2 female anthros kiss third female anthro (cute)

3) anthro Doctor Strange

4) anthro The Doctor (Doctor Who)

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