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Noticed some furry ai art accounts that now result in "Deactivated Account".

{edit: my current main thought is:

  • if you see a MATURE artwork at DA not tagged/flagged with "Mature" (hides art with "labeled as containing themes not suitable for all deviants."), suggest the artist add Mature tag to that artwork so they don't get Deactivated.}

Starting with the DeviantArt account where it seems more obvious PROBABLY-why now "Deactivated".
is now "Deactivated Account".

{According to
the official term is "Mature Content tags", which i think is confusing because there are regular (worksafe etc) tags
so I'll be typing mature-flag below instead.}

HectorSolarisAiArt posted some mature art without (or system-LOST*) mature-flag.
* = unofficial. Don't know what phenomenon officially named.

(Possibly-related context:
says (on image) "Because, deviantart mature features fail and don't age [restrict] content like it's supposed to"
with description "You can blame the deviantart mature features. Not being used as they should. So, all versions of nsfw art will be cropped here. An will have to be viewed on on a mature account (like what deviantart should be doing) ...")

66 artworks archived at*/*

(HectorSolarisAiArt had "462 deviations" in their DA gallery on 2023-Aug-25 )

examples of HectorSolarisAiArt art: (from tame to adult)

(most of HectorSolaris's tamer art at WaybackMachine apparently archived only as thumbnails)

* some safe and safe-ish (1 or 2 BULGE) art at

(TOPLESS muscular males in SHORTS-ONLY)

* Big kitty
(harness & jockstrap ONLY)(warning: BULGE)

* "Hector is your new slave"
(mostlyNUDE with backsack, harness_only)


Looked through a complete set of archived gallery (August 11) just get an idea of ratio of mature-flag :
page 18 (SAFE)

page18 (earliest art): 5 mature-flag (out of ten artworks)
p17: 10 mature-flag
p16: 10 mature-flag
p15: 4 mature-flag
pages 14 to 1 had none mature-flagged.

(by the way, 180 works on Aug11)

So either artist forgot to flag later works,
or artist DID flag mature works, but DeviantArt system screwed up with later artworks.

(Probably heading out soon. Hope to figure out another DA ai artist when i return.)


I must have missed something. Since when does DeviantArt allow erect dicks at all? (Haven't been following news. I only vaguely remember a decade old drama about leaking pussies being allowed but any hint at erection being considered porn.)

autobot said:
I must have missed something. Since when does DeviantArt allow erect dicks at all? ...

I don't know. I mostly ignored DeviantArt for a decade-or-so, so I'm a bit behind.
The short version is erections are allowed, but have to be tagged MATURE and characters must be 18 or OLDER. (edit: plus others restrictions, some which mentioned below)

DA help pages seem vague sometimes (or perhaps just incomplete):
1) "Creative works posted by members of DeviantArt can contain themes which some viewers may wish to otherwise avoid; controversial political or religious opinion, violence, gore, strong language, nudity or even themes involving sexual content. These subject matters, among others, are considered to be “mature content” under DeviantArt policies."
2) "Mature Subjects"
2a) "Nudity: This flag is appropriate if your work contains explicit nudity; revealing the genitalia of a model or fictional character or revealing a full female breast including nipples."
1) "Within that range of acceptable posts are allowances for nude, erotic, sexual, and fetish-based themes. "
2) "restrictions regarding the age of models and fictional characters which are depicted in erotic, fetish, and sexually-themed posts as well as specific fringe fetishes which are not allowed. "

(rand out of time. taking roomie to appointment. will add update about Hector artist on return)

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