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Greetings! We're looking for some help with smoothly running e6ai, and specifically for that we're looking for a developer that would like to help maintain the site by pushing updates from and adding some new features specifically for

We’re looking for somebody who:

  • Ideally is familiar with e621 and the various areas of the site and how to use them.
  • Has experience working with Rails/Ruby/Javascript (but we're also willing to coach on that if not).
  • Has worked on a project of some scale before.

We are also using other technologies like Postgres, Elasticsearch and Vue to name a few but familiarity with them is not required. The repo for e6ai is open-source and you can take a look at the code on Github

Your responsibilities and tasks will include the following:

  • Adding features requested by the userbase of to better fit the content.
  • Pushing updates from to

When deciding whether you’re a good fit for us, you should consider that we’re not looking to radically change the site so any extra features made should fit into the existing site.

Is this a paid position? How do I apply?
No, this is not a paid position. If you're interested please submit an application to [email protected].

Your application should include the following:

  • Your discord username. Discord will be the primary way of communication.
  • Previous projects that you have worked on. Drop a link to your GitHub or similar if you have one.
  • Other programming/scripting/markup languages you are proficient in.
  • Anything else you want us to know about you.

If you're accepted you will also need to sign a standard contributor agreement stating that any programming work you do for Dragonfruit will become the sole property of Dragonfruit.

If you got this far, thank you for reading and we hope to hear from you soon.



applying for something like this is a pretty big commitment. one thing you could possibly try is setting up tasks (via issues) on the GitHub repo so people could see what features/fixes are needed and submit pull requests.

you'd probably find a lot more people are willing to take on something like fixing a bug or fulfilling a feature request by submitting a pull than actually taking on an official role. it also has the benefit of not needing to trust that person: you can look at their code and decide to accept it or not without having to divulge sensitive information like API keys or authentication.

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