uploading guidelines (locked)

This is a short list of attributes we use to determine whether or not any given upload is fit for e6AI. Please note that the moderation team ultimately has the last word on this and that those guidelines do not encompass every possible upload.

This page is complementary to both our Do Not Post List as well as the Posting Abuse section in our rules. Read them.

For the purposes of our guidelines the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Neural Network (NN) will be treated as fully interchangeable, and simply refer to any computer generated image that has been made by either a text prompt or an image input.

Table of contents:

1. Good things to upload
2. Bad things to upload
3. Quality standards
4. Humans and e6AI
5. Advertisements

Good things to upload:

  • Any AI created art or animations that are relevant to "furries", i.e. contain anthropomorphic characters or animals.
  • AI art you have directed or commissioned.
  • AI art the original director has given you permission to post here.
  • Image sets are allowed as long as they have an overarching story (i.e. comic) or otherwise a natural progression (i.e. transformation sequences) connecting the images.
    • Image sets where a single "prompt" is reused multiple times with only minor changes (and no story or natural progression) are not allowed.
      • Small excerpts (up to 5 at a time) are okay, though.

Bad things to upload:

  • Traditional artworks: Anything created by actual humans is not allowed, this website is for AI / NN creations only
    • Mixed creations where a human has edited the AI art is allowed
  • Screen captures: Upload the actual created image and not a screenshot of it
  • Memes / Image macros: Anything that is an (existing) image with some text slapped over it.
    • Exception: If the image has been directed specifically for that particular meme then it's okay.
  • Small images: Anything below 200px in either dimension is likely to get deleted.
  • Advertisements: Low quality ads or ads without artistic value.
    • If the image has only a small part of it advertising something (like a footer with the Patreon link) then it is very much welcome here.
    • Adoptables/character auctions, YCH auctions, or any other types ads for auctions are not permitted.
  • Photographs: Any photograph is off limits, regardless of what is photographed.
  • Low quality submissions: Highly visible artifacts, scribbles, low-quality creations, "1000h in MSPaint" images, computer generated mosaics, cropped images, anatomical diagrams, bad edits, screenshots, artificial upscales (waifu2x or similar), AI / neural network edits (denoise or decensoring), etc.
  • Underage Characters: Any submissions containing underage characters in explicit situations
    • Visual appearance or canonical age both count for this
  • Images with third party watermarks (think iFunny, 9gag, etc.).
  • Previously deleted content.
  • DNP Content:
    • Anything created by an artist or publisher on our DNP List. *
      • If you have special permission to post something from an artist that is on our DNP list then please provide us with proof of said permission.
    • Pay content (Patreon, art CDs, art packs sold through PayPal, etc.) *
      • Pay-What-You-Want content (PWYW) that allows to be "bought" for $0.00 is DNP for the first two months after publication
    • Real-life pornography. No exceptions. *

Important: Anything above marked with a * might result in a record when posted. If you're unsure check our rules on Posting Abuse or ask one of our administrators.

Quality standards:

  • All submissions need to display a solid grasp of artistic principles, for an AI.
    • Anything that is too abstract and hard to make out as being furry or furry related is likely to get deleted.
  • All submissions need to be presented in a legible / readable format.
  • The chosen medium (image, video, flash) needs to be of a high quality (no extra compression or similar).

If you wish to ensure to upload the best version possible save and upload all images as PNG.


  • Edits of images need to be at least on the same level of quality as the original.
    • Low effort edits (adding stories, changing text, bucket fill coloring, cutting out parts, etc.) are not allowed.
    • Translating speech bubbles from any language into English is permitted, however.
      • We only accept an English translation and the original language, we will not host additional translations.
  • Coloring "bases" (template images) are not permitted if they haven't been performed by the original artist of the base.
    • We will only accept up to five (5) versions of any given base.
  • Neural network and AI edits are not permitted, regardless of type of edit (uncensoring, coloring, denoise, etc.).
    • Editing AI created art remains fine, just that it can't have been edited by another AI/NN to just do stuff like upscaling or similar low effort changes

If you feel an image of yours has been deleted unfairly do not hesitate to contact us and ask for clarification.

Humans and e6AI:

Pure1 humans are only allowed as long as they are part of an otherwise furry centric image. If a page, or an image, of an otherwise furry centric comic contains only humans then those pages will also be kept to keep the comic complete.

As such:

  • Anything that does not contain anthropomorphic characters or animals as part of their focus will be deleted.
  • If it appears like a human it counts as a human, regardless of what in-universe lore specifies.
    • The things that make humans not-human under our rules are visible, anatomical deviations from the standard human.
      • Examples are the presence of animal body parts (dog ears, cat tail, pig snout, horse penis, etc.), alien body parts, plant body parts, etc.
      • This means that orcs, elves, plant-people, humanoid aliens, are all fine.
    • A different skin color does not make a human relevant.
    • Costumes, clothes, accessories, etc. do not make a human relevant.
    • AI quirks like additional or missing limbs do not make an otherwise human character relevant.

1 If any sort of non-human traits are present the character in question is no longer a pure human, but a humanoid for tagging purposes.


Acceptable advertisements are those with artistic and entertainment value that far outweigh their nature to sell goods or services. Advertisements that only advertise goods and services are not acceptable and the uploader or artist will need to purchase advertisement space here instead.

  • 'Your Character Here' auctions, adoptables, censored Patreon images, or other censored paysite previews are almost always unacceptable, thus expect these to get deleted.
    • Advertising your Patreon or paysite in form of a signature on any given image is perfectly fine.
    • Advertising your Patreon or paysite in the description of art you have created / commissioned is also perfectly fine.