Topic: PSA: Adding new director / character / species tags

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You do not need a staff member's assistance in order to create new tags.
As long as the tag has less than 100 posts to it, you can change the category yourself.

1. Add the tag to a post, like you would any other tag.
2. After saving the changes, find the tag in the post page's sidebar, and click on "?" next to it.
3. On the page that opens, click on "Edit Tag" link in the subheader.
4. Set the tag's category to "Director" / "Character" / "Species".

If you encounter a name for a tag that had already been taken, you can simply add a suffix to it in parentheses to specify the owner or franchise it belongs to.

For example, the name josh is fairly generic, and may be used by multiple different people.
So, instead you would specify the character owner (ex. josh_(bitwolfy)) or franchise (ex. josh_(stew_wars)).

"can only used by admins" error
why doesn't this site have copyright tag type?

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