Topic: Are artists participating in non-AI+AI collaborations "directors" too?

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Are all "artists" renamed to "directors" in the language files, or is there some sort of a meaningful entity called an "artist" on e6AI?

Sometimes multiple people collaborate. For example, a digital or traditional artist can draw a sketch and then an AI director can color it. Do "artists" become "directors" in this case?

I was thinking about making a post about this too, because yes you're right - the language of e6ai is very *binary* - it as if it assumes it's all AI or only traditional (e621).

I have had at least one instance where the sketch was given to me by a traditional artist to be rendered out in AI, but there's no formal way to give credit to the artist with how e6ai is setup now...

In the meantime I suppose the bandaid fix is to just tag them as a director instead and make a note to clarify in the description.

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