Topic: Subspecies taxonomy update

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The bulk update request #5 is pending approval.

remove alias sambar (0) -> sri_lankan_sambar (1)
remove alias african_buffalo (0) -> cape_buffalo (3)
remove implication african_forest_buffalo (0) -> cape_buffalo (3)

Reason: Some of our species tags were weird considering the current taxonomy

Sri Lankan Sambar is just a subspecies of Sambar, so we shouldn't put an = between them unless we wish to ignore subspecies altogether, but given how e621 includes subspecies I don't think we do.

Cape Buffalo is a subspecies of the African Buffalo, and so is the African Forest Buffalo. The two subspecies should imply the species, but they should not alias to it

So why does this request not include the implication requests? Because it wouldn't let me. The site won't let you request an implication between tags that are currently aliases, even if your current request already includes removal of those aliases. Fun times.

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