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The bulk update request #2 is pending approval.

create implication blitzo_(helluva_boss) (1) -> helluva_boss (116)
create implication loona_(helluva_boss) (546) -> helluva_boss (116)
create implication octavia_(helluva_boss) (7) -> helluva_boss (116)
create implication queen_bee-lzebub_(helluva_boss) (2) -> helluva_boss (116)
create implication stella_(helluva_boss) (13) -> helluva_boss (116)
create implication stolas_(helluva_boss) (14) -> helluva_boss (116)
create implication vortex_(helluva_boss) (0) -> helluva_boss (116)

Reason: Characters in helluva_boss (animated series). Currently no tags at e6ai imply to helluva_boss.
(edit: side-note: 118 posts tagged with loona_(helluva_boss), but only 39 posts tagged with helluva_boss.)

Current *(helluva_boss) tags at e6ai:
1 . . . blitzo_(helluva_boss)
118 . . . loona_(helluva_boss)
1 . . . octavia_(helluva_boss)
1 . . . queen_bee-lzebub_(helluva_boss)
6 . . . stella_(helluva_boss)
2 . . . stolas_(helluva_boss)

BUR of existing e6ai tags,
plus vortex_(helluva_boss) (because male hellhound, thus chance of interest approaching popularity of Loona)

(starting with short list of tags in BUR to keep BUR on simple side)


putting text below in reply to reduce clutter in above BUR:

Going through other helluva_boss characters (names from list of e621 tags below):
1) e6ai has no barbie* tags (but she is sister of protagonist, so may show up at e6ai)
2) e6ai also has NO tags for the other charaters at e621 (cletus*, collin*, deerie*, fizza*, keenie*, millie*, moxxie*, *mayberry*, *robo*fizz*, sallie*, striker*, travis*, verosika*, nor vortex* tags).

(Sometimes abbreviating Helluva Boss to HB. And sometimes abbreviate character to char.)
(I haven't watched much Helluva Boss so getting info from e621 wiki and

List of e621 tags:

At e621, we have various tags that imply to helluva_boss (link to e621 wiki pages with example image, otherwise link to HH/HB wiki): (sorted A to Z){intros paraphrased from e621}
barbie_(helluva_boss) {a red-bodied imp, sister of blitzo},
blitzo_(helluva_boss) {protagonist. jester-like imp.}, [already e6ai tag]
cletus_(helluva_boss) (hazbinhotel wiki ): {cherub},
collin_(helluva_boss) {sheep cherub} ,
deerie_(helluva_boss) (hazbinhotel wiki ){deer cherub},
fizzarolli_(helluva_boss) {"demon that has the appearance of a jester"},
keenie_(helluva_boss) {sheep cherub} ,
loona_(helluva_boss) {hellhound)(apparently most popular HB character: most tagged HB char at e6ai with 118 posts, most tagged HB char at e621 with 13,730 posts) [already e6ai tag]
millie_(helluva_boss) {red skin demon. "one of the four main characters in" HB.}
moxxie_(helluva_boss) {red skin demon. "one of the four main characters in" HB.}
mrs.mayberry_(helluva_boss) (hazbinhotel wiki ){sinner demon}
octavia_(helluva_boss) {adolescent avian demon, daughter of Stolas} [already e6ai tag] ,
queen_bee-lzebub_(helluva_boss) (hazbinhotel wiki ){fox/insect-like demon}[with FABulous hair] [already e6ai tag] ,
robo_fizzarolli, (hazbinhotel wiki ){robotic version of Fizzarolli}
sallie_may_(helluva_boss) {imp demon. Millie's younger sister.} ,
stella_(helluva_boss) {white avian demon, Stolas's abusive ex-wife}[already e6ai tag] ,
stolas_(helluva_boss) {owl demon, the investor for main biz of series}[already e6ai tag] ,
striker_(helluva_boss) {tall imp with lizard-like face},
travis_(helluva_boss) (hazbinhotel wiki) {avian demon}
verosika_mayday_(helluva_boss) {succubus demon}
vortex_(helluva_boss) (hazbinhotel wiki ){male lupine Hellhound}


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