Topic: suggest BUR for removing color -> TONE aliases (TONE is lighter or darker shades of SAME color)

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There are some tone tags that i think should be color tags.

Current there are aliases:

(all four with no associated forum thread)

As pointed out at e621 (thread )
tone and color are not the same thing:

" says
"7. variable noun
A tone is one of the lighter, darker, or brighter shades of the same colour.

Ie. (for example) character that has LIGHT grey fur and DARK grey fur has 2-TONE fur.

Some existings tags include multicolored_hair.
two_tone_hair implies to multicolored_hair
Suggest two_tone_hair should alias (or be BUR updated) to two_color_hair. (ie reversing alias #3420 )

There are some *tone* -> *color* aliases, which is fine with me.

edit: fixed a link


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