Topic: How to create two different looks?

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I don't know exactly how he did it but there is multiple way to do it.
You can get lucky and get 1 in text2img directly (don't really count on it).
You can generate 1 imagen outpaint it and use inpaint to create the second half of the image.
Or you can create multiple image and with photoshop (or any image editor) merge them then do a img2img.
You can also use the help of controlnet (composition).

There may be some better way, but this can give you some direction.

gilbertaram said:
How to create two different looks? I tried two LoRa output at once, but it only draws either Owl or Ori

There is this plugin: "Regional Prompter" that is made for this thing. I started to use it and it's really good.

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