Topic: BUR Uniform director names [2]

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The bulk update request #15 is pending approval.

mass update director_lickit69 -> lickit69
mass update director_pakiru -> pakiru
mass update director_pixelius -> pixelius
mass update director_pocket_erector -> pocket_erector_(director)
mass update director_trainertaiko -> trainertaiko
mass update director_theaiscalie -> theaiscalie
mass update director_triplebarts -> triplebarts
mass update director_trashywhiteguy -> trashywhiteguy
mass update director_rattlepaw -> rattlepaw
mass update director_rodrigopianagt830 -> rodrigopianagt830
mass update artist:wolfchime -> wolfchime_(director)
mass update director_reineke -> reineke
mass update director_wreckedwolfart -> wreckedwolfart
mass update director_whatyshame -> whatyshame
mass update director_wolfschaser -> wolfschaser
mass update director_xblitzattackerx -> xblitzattackerx
mass update director_slugg00n -> slugg00n

Reason: Some director tags were created in not-uniform way, so that they don't follow the xxx_(director) rule of thumb.
It's much more convenient to search directors through thier names, without having to type "director_" in the searchbar first each time


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