Topic: [REJECTED] BUR Updating director names for uniform look [1]

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The bulk update request #13 has been rejected.

mass update director_firewolf -> firewolf_(director)
mass update director_homer_26 -> homer_26
mass update director_aislopper -> aislopper
mass update director_cougar -> cougar_(director)
mass update director_motherli -> motherli
mass update director_joe420 -> joe420
mass update director_myrlonel -> myrlonel
mass update director_sunshine -> sunshine_(director)
mass update director_legoshi_brabo_ia -> legoshi_brabo_bia
mass update director_danithoooxd -> danithoooxd
mass update director_akira -> akira_(director)
mass update director_doccroc -> doccroc
mass update director_deletedead -> deletedead
mass update director_doodooanon -> doodooanon
mass update director_desiroo -> desiroo
mass update director_elkkue -> elkkue
mass update director_fluffykun -> fluffykun
mass update director_gleevale -> gleevale
mass update director_gaichu -> gaichu
mass update director_hasinacat -> hasinacat
mass update director_hickory -> hickory
mass update director_hjak -> hjak
mass update director_kataplass -> kataplass
mass update director_makeone -> makeone
mass update director_om3ga -> om3ga_(director)

Reason: Some director tags were created in not-uniform way, so that they don't follow the xxx_(director) rule of thumb.
It's much more convenient to search directors through thier names, without having to type "director_" in the searchbar first each time

EDIT: The bulk update request #13 (forum #452) has been rejected by @Technical-Grid.

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