Topic: What do you look for in AI pics?

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Just to get some discussion going here, what do guys personally like to see with AI stuff, whether it's browsing or generating?

Nontrivial poses and stylization mostly. "Pinup with realistic shading" is overdone. Everyone and their grandmother can make those.


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Make something that has no obvious AI errors. For now this usually means manual work to clean it up. Upscale instead of leaving it at an obvious 512 pixel resolution.


Produce a consistent character design across multiple images. Important for character owners, and especially comics and animation.

Have Fun

Make something you actually like. Others might appreciate it.

I like creativity in everything. So coming up with something original looking is nice. Interesting out of the norm characters, clothing, environment etc. while still being able to make it look good, aesthetic and realistic with no wonkyness.

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