Topic: Proposal: Usage change & wiki definition overhaul for tag long_body

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long_body wiki page on e6ai
long_body wiki page on e621

I'd like to propose a new usage and definition for this tag, as the way the tag is described on its wiki page does not match how users interpret it (see emphasized portion below). The tag seems to be more commonly used for characters and species for which it is normal to have a long body, e.g. eastern dragons, nagas, snakes, etc.

This would require a new, more precisely-worded tag to take the place of long_body. I'm not sure what kind of name would work better for the initial concept. It would need to be something that users understand at glance, something like "unusually_long_body" but punchier, better.

Original long_body definition from e621:

When a body is longer than usual for a given body type and species. This refers to proportional length compared to the average length, for example nagas typically have long bodies but this tag should only be used when their bodies are longer than a typical naga.

(emphasis mine)

Now, compare how this is interpreted by users uploading images with this tag:
A little over 1/2 of all relevant uploads use this tag for images that exclusively feature characters whose long bodies are usual for their species.

Proposed change to usage & defintion:

This tag describes characters whose body length is a defining characteristic.
It can also serve as an overarching descriptor for any combination of long neck, long torso, and long tail.

However, only long torso should directly implicate this tag*, as long neck and long tail have common usage on characters that do not have a long body.

  • It is possible for a character to have a long body without a long torso; the most common case is for characters that have both a long thick tail and a long thick neck that are roughly the same width as the torso, presenting as a unified lengthy body from top to bottom.

* Note: This tag is not actually implicated yet. I'll put in an implication request if my usage changes are accepted, otherwise I'll leave everything untouched.

Any feedback is welcome, and I won't push on the matter further if rejected.


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